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Monday, July 28, 2008

Malakoff University Duathlon Series 2

The second series of the MUDS was organised in UM at 26th July 2008.Our team only send 3 persons in University category,which were me,Suhaimie,and Jiha.We know that the chance for us to take the honour of being the best uni has become slim,anyway we just try our best to compete with those big guys.With the transportation provided last minute by the Faculty of education,i and Suhaimie went to the UM at 25 night,where we just rely our accomodation of my primary school friend's house which is around 10km from UM.I must thank him for providing us one of the basic enquiries that needed.Without proper sleep,i can assure you that there will not be a satisfactory results that come out!Once again our main rival is UPNM,I happened to know there will be hilly road during our cycling route,and i just try my best to finish it off.In fact,Chan(UPNM)had followed me through out the whole race!Even untill the race going to be finished which was running section.Till the end i lost to Shahrom 4minutes+-,I cant even fight with him in the running section!He's so fast!Another person that also beside me during the race is the Japanese Iwata,he is a seasoned runner,i know that his time in Half-marathon is very fast,i also cant even fight with him in that running distance!Finally i finished the line in 54mins 1 sec just behind Iwata.The official results came out,and i was 1st,Suhaimie got 5th.while Jiha said her body not well,even caught a flu,and i hope she can recover well to get the best placing in the coming week in UPNM.To all my friends out there,congratulation for finish this race provided the hill side area of cycling come out to be one of the toughest part,and you had conquered it,well done!Must thanks Pmtey for snapping the picture for us.

I and Suhaimie arrived at early 7am as we need to take our no.and T-shirt,so its just little bikes out there.Shahrom got the first in men's open with the time just at 50mins+,must learn from him a lot  next time.Next time i also need to run along with Iwata san,ha!ThankT.penasihat asked me to take the Jalur Gemilang,at first i reluctant,but no choice after all Suhaimie passed it to me when on the stage.All the winners had their pic and happy moment...The kakithoners,Faraied,T.penasihat(Black),Jiha,me,and Suhaimie,see you in UPNM!The Mens University results

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Anonymous said...

Wah.champion...congrate kau-kau lat...salute fight vs Iwata...!!!


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