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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Our Men Behind The Team

Hi, glad tu make everybody know that our team Kakithon now have certain people with different expertise will give their consultation, knowledge and sharing experience with us..most of them are came from Sports Science UTM Research & Consultation Group..

For starting point, they will serve us for Malakoff University Duathlon Series 2008..
Hopefully, all Kakithoners will take this opportunity to learn and asking as many as you can during their period of service..

Here they are:
  • Dr Zainal Abidin Zainuddin (nutrition advisor, exercise physiologist)
  • Pn Asha Hasnimy Mohd Hashim (rehabilitation & sports injuries advisor)
  • En Muhammad Hafiz Ismail (physical fitness measurement & evaluation tester @ advisor)
  • En Mohd Ibrahim Haji Azman (duathlon training programmer & coach)
  • En Mohd Yusoff Mat Yaman (running technique coach)

A meeting already discussed about this contribution and services, they're so glad and honor to give their best.
Hopefully, all Kakithoner will use this great apportunity, to improve Kakithon Club, to perform our best..

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