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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bidor Half Marathon 2008

When last week i went to KLIM,there were a lot of events entry and detail forms.Which are Bidor Half,Power Run,RMAF Half,Port Dickson Half,Tong Shan Run,Siemen Run,Polis Run,Borneo Run,and last but not least Adidas King of the Road(which they didnt have the form to the public yet).Anyway from all those runs,i think the most that i can join is only 2 out of those all.One of the reason is the budget that not allowable,some during my final exam time(April),hence i may give Orange Run a miss to :-( which i like it that have Backpack,ha!Anyway the race that i mention to join most probably is Bidor Half,and Port Dickson Half(Holidays).I have seen the Bidor Half Medal(quite nice and big)and theres also medal and Trophy for those finish in top10,while to 3 get to the Resort voucers.I am a 10K runner,hence i really have to choose a race which can really give a chance to better myself.Looking at so many of Half Marathon there really make me little bit sick,ha!The race that i sure join is Adidas King of the Road which will be held at 3rd of August 2008,i know the chance is slim anyway i like its vest so much,ha!One more run!That is Siemen Run which is on 6th July 2008,where i mostly will join(even the race is tough too)After that day is my 3rd semester of my University studies which is 2nd year.Running can make yourself better if you keep going on,dont let your weak mindset affect you,try to tell yourself 'you can go on'   during the race and training,no one can beat you except youself!Hence learn from past race mistake and you will be better future!
Bidor Half form here

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