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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bidor Run final countdown

I and Chin Chun will go together with my 3 penang Friends where ther will join veteran category of 10km,i also 10km,while chin Chun for 21kmLooking at the 3 races in that sunday of 27April,i hope that all 5 of us will produce some good results,anyway what i want to go to Bidor is it medal(very nice).I will have my last exam paper at 28 April too,so i sincerely hope that all the Kakithoners can do well in their exam ALSO their running performance,dont forget we will attack the Adidas King of the Road at August,ha ;-) .Thnks

1 comment:

ju said...

1st visit this blog.... Impressive lah. A group of young and dynamic people ........ run run run run for your life in bidor!

where else you gals run besides local runs? Oh... all the best in your exam. Me pass this stage already and too scare to even think of going back to class