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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My first trip outside Malaysia

29th April 2008,the day after i finish my second semester final exam,i went to the Singapore with my classmates,9 of us.This is the first time i have been outside Malaysia!We departed very early morning.When we reach Singapore immigration department,its already around 9.30am.There are around Woodland area,we travelled to Kranji to use the MRT to the Jurong East where we change the station to go to Harbour Front,this is a big shopping complex.

Then we bought the Sentosa train ticket $3.00 to the Sentosa Island,this is the island where the development of future!Resort World under Genting are doing their major project there.Sentosa is really a 'must go' place if you ever in Singapore!So many interest places inside the island.You really have to take atleast 2 days to walk around the places inside it!

At around 2.30pm we back to the Singapore island.We went to Funan Digi mall.All over there is PC shops in it.Then we went to the Esplanade(Art presentation centre).After that we went to Bugis Street,well famous which like a kind of Petaling Street in Malaysia.

The time was already around 6pm,we went for our dinner.After that OG Shopping centre was our final destination.Infact we had planned to go to Geylang,but we didnt do so because the is been really dark.The time we went back was around 8pm,so its been really jam for us,a lot of people were queing up into the immigation department.We reached our hostel was around 10.30pm already.Overall in this trip i had spent around $35 which equal to around RM80++ in Malaysia.I think the trip went to Sentosa was the worth value for us to go,hopefully you guys/gals if go to S'pore,dont miss it.Thanks

This is the bridge the let all the vehicle cross to the Sentosa island.
The Merlion statue(Imbiah Lookout)on the Sentosa Island,symbolise the S'pore image.Really grand.

Image of S'pore,we didnt go in,but i think must ve kind of gallery like musium.
we was playing Luge,a kind of down hill small car ride.So SYOKKKK.....ha!
After the luge,we went for the Sky ride,if anyone of you scare of height,better dont take it or look down!I myself also really scare to look back,ha!
We went to the Palawan Beach,this is the most southern point in Asia,not include island,Because if include island,it is in Tanjung Piai.
A bridge that cross over to the small man made island.

The Sentosa train that we used to come to Island.
The construction area,and the view of the Singapore port,really big and busy compare to Malaysia.
You can know how many car park slot that leave in the area that you want to park!
A view of the major building near Esplanade.The development in the Island is really good compare to my Penang Town,i wonder when is it Penang can catch up with them.
Can anyone of you guess what exacly that these thing is?Inside Suntec Shopping Mall.

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