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Monday, April 14, 2008

An average yet satisfying results in Larian Keputeraan Johor 2008

13rd April 2008,Kakithon had 6members went to the Larian keputeraan Johor.The race was said as 10km by organiser but its only around 7.7km which after we finished.There were 4 Kenyan that coming with some local season indian runners too.Anyway through this race,i hope all the Kakithoners will learn something and try to correct the mistakes that made during the race.The results is below:

Ong wei Xiang 30mins36 secs 10th in Men open(been upgraded after 1 guy disqualified)
Lim Kar Sing 33mins 41 secs between 20th to 30 th placing
Lee soon Yong 34 mins 46secs between 30th to 40th placing
Md Ibrahim 36mins 18secs
Tea siang Teck 42mins
Nazihah 43mins 10th in women open(also been upgraded after 1 gal disqualified)
Both Ong and Jiha got their RM150 and placing medal.Thnks

Men Open Results,the race is quite tough looking at those fast guys.

Jiha,Lee,Tea,and Lim in Stadium Larkin.

Kakithoners have a pic in the finishing line.(Tea,Lee,Lim,Jiha,Md Ibrahim,Ong)

Jiha got her medal and money.Look so happy!

The certificate and placing medal.

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