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Monday, March 31, 2008

KL International Marathon results

Me an Wong in Time Square after race where we trio took our bath there,Lim as the photographer.
The view of the starting point where we reached there around 3 am.
One of the uncle that i met during last year race,he was joining Full marathon.

30th March 2008,sunday morning had been a great outing for members of Kakithon,where there were 5 of us went to join the race.There were Md Ibrahim(Tuan Penasihat),Nazihah,Lim Kar Sing,
Wong Chin Chun,and Ong Wei Xiang.The full marathon start exactly at 4.30am,half-marathon at 6am,10km at 7am.I and Lim reach KL town there at around 2.30am where we were using bus express at 11pm.Thanks to Wong for taking the no.T-shirt,and chip for us.While T.Penasihat and Jiha were staying in their friends(Faraied)house.As usual,theres a lot of Kenyan that coming to get the cash prizes,some thais too,they mostly good at veteran group.For me,i personally satisfied with what i had achieved looking at the strong field there,anyway theres still more and
more that i need to learn to catch up with those front guy.Lets look back at our members performance.Below are their times and placing.

Md Ibrahim 98th 4hours 26mins 29secs (full marathon)
Lin Kar Sing 73rd 1hour 52mins 02secs (half-marathon)
Wong Chin Chun 76th 1 hour 53mins 29secs (half-marathon)
Nazihah 70th 2hours 36mins 54secs (half-marathon)
Ong Wei Xiang 18th 39mins 39secs (10km)
For more,can check at HERE
P/S: Photos will be uploaded soon.

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