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Saturday, April 12, 2008

How to run a good 5K

I happened to see Runnersworld magazine in one of the shopping centre near my study town,Johore here.I have read some of the measurements that can be taken in order to achieve a good 5K results.
-First you must have fun of it in the 5K,this mean you dont have to be really feel so much of pressure in it,this will indirect let your mood down and you wont have a good training in it.
-Use 5K for speed training,i know its sound quite heavy or something wrong for those beginner or just start to learning from 5K,but infact,you all must know that the 5K race is much faster than 10K a lot,which is just a bit slower than normal 1500m,hence take it seriously,only then you can know where exacly your position is.
-Eat a bit(may be not)its all depend on yourself,if you are to feel hungry before a training,or when waking up early morning,then you must eat a little to curb your hungryness.
-Drink a bit too.This is important as to avoid dehydration in your body,Drinking too much may slow down you movement too.
-Warm up wisely,before the training and after the training,you must do so to make sure your muscle is flexible enough.
-Cut the corner,which mean if you happen to run at a road curve,you must really know that you need to run at the side which is the most curve as its the distance that provide you shortest distance.
-Take it easy.You dont have to worry a lot about it,as i said before the more nervous you are the worst performance that you may produce!
-Sometime,you may change the strategic of running fast when starting!A lot of time that we feel that we dont really produce good time,hence we may have a try of running fast at first,infact you may not know this may decrease your time!
-End fast too!Ending is very important,it happen to be a lot of time i didnt have a slow finish and get cut by others!This very hurt,especially when you know that you can get inside certain placing.
A tip by Haile,is that we really have to vary our training ground,this is very important as different ground can provide us different condition,hence boost our performance!
Till here,i hope you guys/gals will get it.Thanks

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