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Monday, April 28, 2008

Kuantan Beach Run 2008

Happen to be one of the exciting race i want to go badly,its in 1st of June 2008!Everyone have to run 16km.The prizes also very huge,where top 50 will get the cash prize!Even u get the 50th ,u still can get RM100!I hope that Kakithoner can take this opprotunity to have look at this race,its something that special from running on tar road.May be running for 16km for some of you is a bit of hard,anyway just take a try,you may be surprise by a lot of thing outside there that you never seen before this!I my self will mostly join the race,so do contact with me if anyone thats interest in it.
Race details below:

Date:1st June 08
Registration fees :RM 30 for open
Prizes : Cash untill top 50
Contact Phone No.:09-5121555 / 5121666
Closing date 27 May 08
For more detail and entry form can get to HERE . And HERE for hotel.Thanks
got the infos from alharis


@FaD said...

where is ur shout box??

Anonymous said...

it seems u'r in so many competitions in late june.anyway u'r doing a awesome job in ur website! u like..... said...

thnks,infact in june i can confirm 2 join the 29th race in melaka,while kuantan i cant really sure,but i badly want to go.