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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Rules and terms that you need to know in running

To all our friends, theres some rules and terms that you all must know about,whether you are beginner or advance runner,just don't overlook it!
Rest: Rest means no running! None. Give your muscles and synapses some serious rest and relax so all systems are primed and get ready for the next workout. One,two days will be good enough,just to make sure you have enough rest! Rest days give you a mental break as well, so you'll come back feeling refreshed.

Easy Runs: Easy runs mean totally comfortable and controlled. If you're running with someone else, you should be able to converse easily. You'll likely feel as if you could go faster. Don't. Here's some incentive to take it easy: You'll still be burning 100 calories every km you run, no matter how slow you go.

Long Runs: Long runs are any steady run at or longer than race distance designed to enhance endurance, which enables you to run longer and longer and feel strong doing it. A great long-run tip: Find a weekly training partner for company. You'll have plenty of time to talk about anything that comes up.

Speedwork: Speedwork means bursts of running shorter than race distance, some at your race goal pace, some faster. This increases cardiac strength, biomechanical efficiency that translates into more km per gallon, and the psychological toughness racing demands. That said, you're not trying to kill yourself. Keep it fun.

So after looking at what above has described,i really hope that you all will at least know what exactly that these terms are really used for.Running is a learning process that can never end,the more you run,the more you gain!

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