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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Get set to your 5K to 10K run.

Currently i am a track and road runner.Going for 800m and 1500m on the track events,anyway after hearing advice from my coach,he mentioned that i am better to select the 1500m and 5000m events for the track competition,one of the reason is my size which can be classified as 'quite small'.The fact is 800m is my favourite event since my lower secondary school life.Anyway i will give 5000m track event a try and i have regularly run for 5K and 10K for the road running event.And now i am going to give out some advice for those who are going to start their 5 to 10K events.In Malaysia here,which is very hot weather,

  1. -Before the event is recommended you have a little bit drink of plain water.
  2. -If your are going to run at morning,so its better you have a small portion of breakfast before going to run,anyway i recommended you only eat a small piece of bread/toast of some biscuits,which mean keep yourself of eating something light!
  3. -Select some short attire,but if the weather is really cold,you have to wear sweater,don't just blindly wear those short pant and run around,because it will really give you some 'indirect effect'.
  4. -Stretch before you run!Take around 10mins to make yourself become warmer.
  5. -Select your running route,you can vary it from days to days.Hill running can rally make you become stronger.Anyway to increase your performance is not something that you can do it in just couple of days!Be patience,and one day you may find that your performance is actually become better and better which you never discover about it.
  6. -Choose a training partner if you can.This can really help you in term of challenging each others and also you won't be so boring during the race.
  7. -Try to set the target of the timing that your are going to achieve,and just jolt down or remember the time that you achieved in that day so that you can better it next time.
  8. -Try not to stop during the training,this is very crucial part of your program,if you easily give up before reaching the finishing,it's really give some bad impact to yourself whether mentally or physically.
  9. -Finishing will use some mental power,hence to have a good finishing,you have to have a strong mentality,which mean during your training,you can have a go of final push out/speed when reaching the finishing,it is recommended you push out before around 300meter from the end.
  10. -After finish cooling down by stretch yourself also.Remember don't just drink the water immediately after you reach the finishing.You can have it after around 5-10mins rest or cooling down.
  11. -Try to calling back that during the training,which part is your weakest(either your starting slow,middle slow,finishing slow,or hard to breath?etc)from there we can gauge our performance and try to learn from the mistakes that we made.
P/S: All the above guide is through my own experience of running,all this is just a basic platform for you all to achieve a better running work out for distance running.

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