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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Kakithon's members conquer Larian Anti Dadah UTM 2008

Larian Anti Dadah UTM at 22March 2008,saturday morning.It starts at around 8.30am,Kakithon has 6members that join this race.The route consist of around UTM,which cross over Arked Meranti,KTF,Pusat Kesihatan,KDSE(Kolej Datinseri Endon),K13,KTR(Kolej Tun Razak),Arked Cengal and finally back to Pusat Ko-Kurukulum.The route distance is around 4km+-,although the race organiser mention was 5km.There's some up hill and down hill area also.After all,the top 1,2 placing in women category is Nurul Hidayah(Ida)and Nazihah(jiha),while NorHanani(nani)got 6th.
In men category,Ong weixiang(me)get 1st,Lee Soon Yong get 4th just lost to the 2nd and 3rd guy very slim.While our Advisor,Mr Md Ibrahim get 19th(he actually wore a long cargo pant and hiking shoes to run,ha!).

Participants get their t-shirt and race no.
Nani,ida,jiha,Mr Black,lee and i,back there is jiha's red car.
Jiha getting her 2nd prize,which consist of medal,hamper and certificate.
Women's champion is Ida,the different for she,me from others is our hampers are biggest,ha!
All the Kakithon's memebrs have their prizes,medal and hampers view,the medal actually is quite nice,so for those that didn't come,and get into top10,i think you guys/gals should try harder next time.

To conclude this time race,i think we have 90% achieve our target,which is to get to the top placing in mens and womens category,Lee should learn more from the race as to overcome those ' black horse'ha!Since we train frequently in campus,and we must learn from our mistake and produce better results in future races by races.

Members timing
Men category:
1)Ong Wei Xiang 15mins 40secs
4)Lee Soon Yong 17mins 50secs
19)Mr Black 19mins 30secs

Womens category:
1)Nurul Hidayah 18mins 22secs
2)Nazihah 18mins 52secs
6)NurHanani 20mins 00secs

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