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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Orange Run 2008

I have joined this event last year and managed to finished
in 12nd place if i am not mistaken,where i fought with Shahrom Abdullah all the way.I managed to get the petrol voucer and 4l lubricant which can cost around RM 100.
One thing that is special is this event offer everyone a free backpack after you have finished the race,and its a Santa Barbara backpack.the registration fee is also free.What i wonder is this year still have this free backpack or not,ha!Anyway i think this 9k event is a worth to go event,but you must make
sure that you choose to stay in a budget hotel which quite hard to get around The Curve there,last year i and Yeap(my Penang friend)managed to get a RM100budget hotel,and those stay outside Klang Valley have to get more infos in the Kelana Jaya area there,as you also need to get the T-shirt in Stadium there.Good luck.

For more infos and entry form just click HERE.thanks

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