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Sunday, March 9, 2008

My last Sukpen in 2007

I joined last year,2007 may Sukan Penang(Sukpen) represented my Seberang Perai Tengah District.The event was held in Batu Kawan Stadium(our very own state stadium)I ran for the 1500m and 800m.With the guidance of Sir Thambu(state coach)for about 1 and half month,where i was trained in Seberang Perai Tengah mini stadium,i managed to better my time in 1500m event.I managed to clocked 4mins35secs which is my personal best so far,i was so amazed at that time,becauce i have never achive any other time under 4mins45secs before.Infact my 1500m is my weakest part,ha!Most of the time i managed to clock around 4mins50secs.And i really have to thanks Sir Thambu for giving me so much of advices to adjust my performance.Anyway i did'nt win the top 3 prizes,as i only finished 4th,just 3secs behind my Sukma friend.In the 800m event i managed to finish in 3rd place,anyway the time of 2mins10secs i achieved was not a good time,before this i badly want to achieve a sub 2mins05 secs in 800m,look like its so hard.I know to achieve such time i really have to put more effort in it.And this time the MASUM,i dont hope to do a good time,because i only train on the tar road which may not really help,i didnt even go to the Johor Stadium to train!

I got my 3rd prize in 800m,1st is Sukma guy,Zulifli,2nd is Thina,the best 1500m in Penang so far,he can does a sub 4mins 10secs in 1500m.

Our very own state stadium(Stadium Batu Kawan),a nice stadium and can really make you achieve a good time there,believe me.

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