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Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Moderate Path

anyone knows who is R.Kelly? hehe

2010 has just started, but there are a lot of memorable events that have happened for the past few weeks. Masum is getting nearer so how far had we prepare ourselves for the big day?

Some of us already experience the taste of success during recent races and training sessions but there is also the bitter taste to swallow for some of us.

Just wanted to share the following Buddha story:
"One day a music teacher was teaching his student how to play a string instrument. The song was:

"Fair goes the dancing when the Sitar is tuned,
Tune us the Sitar neither low nor high,
And we will dance away the hearts of men.
The string overstretched breaks, the music dies,
The string overslack is dumb and the music dies,
Tune us the Sitar neither low nor high."

Siddartha heard the teacher say "if you wind the string too tight it will break and if you have the string too loose, there will be no music". On hearing these words, Siddartha came to the realisation of the middle way of life - it must be neither strict and nor undisciplined."

Whether it is a success or failure, it is always a wise choice to treat it moderately(that means neither being too excited nor extremely depressed)

Same case for training, a consistent and moderate work out for many days is always better than a single day work out which is highly intense.

Thanks to Aunty Moey for the meaningful and thoughtful reminder and info.

All the best to all !!!

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