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Thursday, January 7, 2010


Masum is approaching in around 1 and a half month from now, so are we aiming anything from the prestigious event which features some of our national athletes?

Where do we stand against the best athletes from other IPT nationally?
Do we have the chance for a breakthrough? or we just participate to fill in the empty vacancy?
I believe that everyone of us had an “inner underdog” – that little voice inside of us that dares us to be great (

We may be on the losing side in term of strength, experiences, skills level, training environment, nutrition, recovery/ resting period ( we need to attend classes weekdays just like a typical student), confident and actually almost everything !!!
so how? is that mean we are totally hopeless????

Anything is possible, but you have to believe and you have to fight.
Lance Armstrong

They may be great, but we are not bad either.
No matter what happen, we should remain committed and undeterred in spite of the odds stacked against us, and exhibit an indomitable spirit to inspire others.

The outcome of the competition is not as important as the process to get to our target.
Yes, we may fail but certainly there is also a chance for us to be triumph.
It is not all about winning against others, but it is more about having faith that no matter what the outcome, we will measure success by our own standards, and give our very best. It is about having the courage to pursue a dream that nobody sees but we, ourselves.

So we all certainly BOLEH !!!

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