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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kakithoner recent races

There're 2 races that Kakithoners have joined which are UTM Night endurance and last weekend's Klang Padang Penembak 15k.

Lets talk about UTM race.As usual most of the Kakithoners joined d races and you have to complete the races in 1 hour and the guy that finish the most lap(1km+) considered as winner.Before the race i noe that our masum athlete,Zaheen will win d race easily and it turn out to be no surprise for all of us.Myself finished in 2nd,Wong 3rd,follow by Ayie and Chau.Lim kor finished first in his 26 years above category while T.penasihat Black finished in 3rd.Meanwhile Ting and Ida got their 1st and 2nd in women category.So its been alot of cash money(i think more than rm400) that won by us just before the 2010 new year!Congratz to all,those that didnt win anything,try your best in future,nothing is impossible!

p/s:sry 4 all coz that day no1 bringing d cam to snap the guys in action,so remember next time if you really wan to have ur own memorable pic been shot,better bring your own cam rather than depend on others de.

This 1 is Klang Padang Penembak 15km which turn out to be surprise for us in the race route.I and Wong went by Express bus,initialy i wasnt really wan to join the race which i think quite hard to get the top5 placing that i aimed for,anyway Wong in such a high enthusiasm n his motivation,i just join,as i expect the top indian guy frm country will join such as Muniandi,Arul Thewar,Venugopal n so on.
Muniandi,still 1 of the top Malysian runner that even our junior still cant cathc up with him..

We stay 1 night in Wong sister apartment,thnks her alot.Then early morning with d help of Uncle and Aunt Moey we travelled to Meru Klang which been describled by Uncle kinda Ulu area.Theres expected around 800 ppl join d races.Before the start of races i ad seen the top indian coming then saw some familiar local guys.
Jironi just finished his sea game recently,got 2nd behind muniandi,very fast this what i caan describe

The race just has alot of hilly area anyway it just not a problem for me and wong.Both of us finish in 10th and 12nd.What we get?Medal ,cert,myself another trophy.Top5 guys get their cash.We saw Jironi coming,and he finished 3rd initially,anyway Ahmed frm Morocco been disqualified so all of us been upgrade 1 position.Moey family with Dylvia got 7th while Uncle got 8th and they got d lucky draw of NB voucher as well.Congrtaz to them and Thanks alot to them as well.Finish in top 10 abit consolation,anyway still way off those top guy..
Wong has since improve alot in his races manage to beat his challenger before this ,keep it on....

P/s:Thanks Pmtey 4 d pic...

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