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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Kakithon new badges n attire

Front badges by Uncle Lee
Front Badges by Tong

Back view created by Tong

Erm,its been quite long i think about it but only no action.Anyway these few week i already make up my mind as to create a new badges for our group also new attire/clothes which we will wear in any of our running races.Any of u can give ur valuable opinions are most welcome,since u all are d first batch that going to continue our mission.

First,i already have 2 of my coursemate create the group badges,and i hope to get feedback frm any of u regarding the badges since we will use it forever.First i would like to thanks Tong Khoon Hong,and Uncle Lee(Soon Yong) for their contribution in these badges.the badges will be used for the front and back.Anyway our MASUM Athletic team also want me to make attire for this year MASUM Race so now i am in hot water of whether to put the Word of "Kakithon" on the attire or not...zzzz..

Second is the choices of the attire/clothes color of which initially i want it all orange color which appear to be shining/special among other whenever we have races out there we or others can easily recognise our team,any other suggestion regarding the clothes color?

I hope to finish this attire ASAP so that we can have a new look,especially when we go for our year 2010 races.So you can either direct chat with me/sms with me/email or any other method u think suitable for u to pour out ur opinion.

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