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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mens Health @Shape Run 2009

Mens Health Run @ Shape run is the evnt right after our morning MUDS 2,in the putrjaya area of which my first time to go there to race some more is my first malaysia nite run of 11.5km.
I would say its a whole new experience for me and i enjoy it alot.
By registering of RM30 you will get RM300 worth of goodies bag but after we counted back we dun think it worth that price..haha!

Jiha,Ida,Lee,Tan and i joined the race.The organiser been arrange well in term of the road direction.But my bad is the luck not beside me of finishing out of top 10 zzzz,11th some more!As ida got her 10th placing been really fabulous prizes worth more
than RM2K!Anyway i mus learn from it and try again in future.Lee luckily finish in top 75 with his medal.Tand was not so lucky out of medal gone home.

Finally i would say this is a run that you should not miss,by organising in Putrajaya,a nite run there can really give you out some fresh air rather than those normal street run!

Tan say this is PM Resident it?

Guess how much we spent on these nasi kandar?
Live perforamnce by cheer group..
Thanks to Aunt Moey for helping us take our race vest and no.!
The exercise session!
Being quarantined half an hours before been release!
The cheer group perform before starting of the run!
run...evry1 run.......
Aview of Makhamah!
First runner reach the finishing line,National runner ,R.muniandi
Lee in his final run!
Goodies bag collection...
Some views of the runner finishing their run
Results of the winnerlists!

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Frances said...

When mens health comes into picture, one always thinks of hitting the gym. What they don't know is that attending marathon events like the one posted in this blog would be a great form of exercise too.