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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

MUDS 2nd series Photoes

So the first and second series of MUDS already finished which held in UPM and UNITEN.I have to say that although our uni come with less participants yet we try our best to put our uni in a good position to race with other institution.Ayie(Nazri)been in really good form to become overall champ in this year MUDS,Ida contributed points to our uni been amazing with me.Jiha with her second title of 2 weeks in a row...good job.For the team event i only hope they can come back with their KAKITHON Spirit!Black and our civil senior been joined the UNITEN races.Hope below some of pics can keep fond of u guys/gals memories.....

A look at the bike that we put in the bus
Quick release been doing a good job interm of organising this event,
THere come the bus we travel from jb to Bangi,very slow bus and we use more than 5hours reaching here...zzzz
A quick view of UKM cafeteria
There come all the bikes that travel all the way from JB
On your mark...not yet get set...
Chang,my roomate been first timer in this kind of event,he is the team cyclist..
Tan been running and training before yet stil look so tiring in his 3km run..hehe!
Ayie leading in his way of bike section
Mr.Black with his Giant bike
Running section,more need to be improve for myself
Mr. Black run on his way in transition areas..
Ida crossby the trans area
Jiha also follow at behind...
Who noe this kid will be national champ 1 day..
Jiha with her prizes,1st she got!Congratz!
Ida jus finished behind Step..
My 4th placing,alot need to be done...
Ayie with his prizes.1st he got!Congratz!
1 MaLAYSIA...This what the message shown by us!

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