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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Malakoff Duathlon Series 1 and 2

First of all sry for posting it late as i hardly find any time to sit down patiencely to type about it.Its been past 2 MUDS Series and our UTM individual standing is Ayie(Nazri) got 5th in first leg n Champs in 2nd series congratz to him!Mine standing were 3rd and 4th respectively.While Ida got 4th and 2nd.The best performer of Kakithoners is Jiha,she got both champs in 2 series in a row!Congratz to her!

Our Uni team standing now is 2nd overall behind UPNM.While we are not in a good standing of the most participant uni team,we are more to the point standing and results of uni team.Black been join as UPM Kakithon team pretty well that he done by finishing in top 10 of these 2 series.

Because i haven been transffer fully of all the series 1 and 2 photoes hence jus to apologise here about it.Looking at current standing our best title is from men uni individual and Ayie stand very good chance to get it provided he finished 1 st final series and his challenger,Adreen from UPNM finish in 3rd or below.While for uni team standing our chances of getting top 1 simply out of our reach all because of lacking of 'quantity'I dunno such thing will still happen in next year or future races,but i just hope no to repeat it anymore.....Women standing Ida got the chance if and only if Stephanie didnt compete in last series.....

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