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Friday, July 10, 2009

Run a good 5k or 10k

1200m is what i am going to mention.I knew this very early but just seldom use it during our training.After i look at the Runnersworld i know that this is 1 of the crucial factor to make sure you guys can really improve in 1500m,5k or 10k run!

As it mention,those that run 1500m or around 4laps on track will really feel the lactic acid n fatigue during the 3rd laps or 1200m.Hence a quick and best way to improve ur performance is by running more 1200m!Most of us when running in 1500m will feel the worst part during 3rd laps,me also same!I knew that everytime if my 3rd lap really down sure you will be out of medal contention!

Try 4 x 1200m then use a 400m as ur recovery jog,yeah i am sure you will improve alot!May be for starting you will feel the hardness going through all this but after you have done more about it,you will not complain it anymore!Yet you will really see the results that come out!Me is the example before this!I was training with my penang coach Thambu,he really give me alot of such kind training untill i perform to my best time in 1500m during my form 6 studies!

Try it.....! its all what i can say to improve ur 5k or 10k!

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