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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Malakoff Duathlon Series 3(Final)

Hi,sori of late to update all about our recent development of Kakithoner.The latest event we joined was Malakoff University Duathlon Series 3 the final leg and Adidas KOTR.Lets talk about the MUDS 3.

The race was been reschedule of the bike route whereby the 3 laps before been change to 2laps but you have to climb up the Bukit Cinta for 4 times!This is 1 of the main challenge that all participant need to go through.Apart from that the running route as last year which a bit hilly in the terrain inside there.

I saw cecill Cheong which 1 of the powerbar athlete and a powerful Triathlete too.Shebby as last series also appear as comentator.Very nice to hear what hes comencing which really make you get inside the race condition.

I know that my chance of getting the best duathlete been really slim or almost gone unless both the top contender fail to perform.My best solution is to make sure Ayie(Nazri)get the overall title by finishing 2nd placing and hoping he get first.As usual the running leg was been conquered by UPNM guys and Ayie wasnt trailed far behind.But his strong finishing in bike leg really change the whole situation which let him atleast making a 2mins gap with the rest of the field!

I was only get to see Ayie during the last part of running the 2nd lap.Anyway he still sustain on with the running part that i can only finished behind him in 2nd placing,the fact is i also finish behind Cecil Cheong...

I wasnt sure that the overall trophy will be ours/UTM.But i really sure that Ayie will be the top Duathlete,congratz to him!The finalise results been out that i been told that we also won the BEST University trophy!Wow! really happy i felt about it!We also narrowly lost this title last yeaar because lack of particapant,infact this we almost facing the same situation.With all the points been contributed by Ayie,Ida and me.If any 1 of us cant compete or puncture the tire like Jiha in the UM series sure our hope of getting the best trophy gone!

Then we been attended to the prizes giving ceremony.Still the voice mostly from our counterpart,UPNM.They won the most of the prizes.Congratz to them!Steph got her top female Duathlete.Encik Ainul our Unit Sukan Pegawai also came in to watch the ceremony.Overall i think that QuickRelease been doing well or organising this event.Thumbs up to Melody and her team.

1 more thing,T.Penasihat got his Ipod...any of you guys suggestion about this stuff????Lai i offer Rm30..Any1 higher???Lelong here...Hehe!
Shebby entertain the crowd
Top 3 Mens relays,Our team came in 3rd
Ida got 3rd.The race won by Julie followed by Steph
Ayie the top Duathlete,Adreen only lost to him by 10 points jus like last year me and Chan...
Top male and female duathlete...fabulous prizes
THere come the Ipod.....mari-mari siapa mau???
The Klang town we went after MUDS
The restaurant we went right after Adidas KOTR..
All 5 of us enjoy our hot wok(Bak kut teh)....famous in Klang!Adidas Kotr medal!

P/S: ALL THE PHOTO BEEN CAPTURED BY MY LOUSY H/P so the results bad enough..really sry about it!

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