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Monday, July 13, 2009

Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon 2009

Bear in mind the early bird registration is only 10days which from 16th-26 july 2009.I really hope to join this event either in 10km individual or team event which need minimum 4 persons to 6 persons.

The event held at 6th december which will be 1 or 2 weeks before our new semester because this year end we will have early than usual holiday.The prizes is top3 only for 10km either individual or team.And i already look at the last year teams time,to beat the top2 teams is almost impossble,a 3rd placing will be realistic.Anyway we just dun hav to think about placing first.Think whther you really wan to join or not.For me,i hope to form a team,but..if no 1 is joining i will go as individual.

Their race sure is betther alot than SC Marathon KL.
Check out the website in 16th july and see more details about it.

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