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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Run events in June and July Update

Just wanna tell you guys/gals apart from the early post that i published,there are still 3-4 races that i didnt publish.They are Ipoh Starwalk,Melaka Historic International Run,Siemen Run,and Ipoh International Run.Of these 4 races,2 are in Ipoh,most probably we will have Chan join the race there as warming up for our coming SUKAM(College game).Let have some details of these runs.P/S :some races dont have the final infos yet,hence just be patience,we will get it soon.

Ipoh Starwalk
Date: 15th June 2008
Place: Stadium Indera Mulia
Registration fees :Rm12 (competition category)/RM8(Non competition)
Closing date: 16th May 2008
Form: HERE
The fact is i really want to join this race,but looking at the time which i may be having part time work,hence its been really hard for me to go.I wonder that the challenge in Ipoh is as tough as in Penang where i finished 5th last year.Sometime also need a bit of luck also ;-)

Melaka Historic Run
Date :29th June 2008
Place :Taman Bandaraya,Bkt Serendit(around Stadium,if i not mistaken)
Contact No:06-231 6411
More Infos :HERE

Siemen Run and Ipoh Internationa Run
Date: 6th July 2008
Place : Dataran Merdeka and Dataran Ipoh
Infos : Will be updated soon

Langkawi Beach Run
Date :12nd July 2008(Saturday)
Place : Pantai Tengah,Pulau Langkawi
Category:Sperated to International and Local consist of 21Km
Prizes :1-15th for local
More Infos : HERE
Of these races,i will only consider to join Melaka and Siemen Run,other than that i wont really join Because of budget,places,incompatible of time.Anyway the decision is still not final yet,i hope any of the Kakithoners that stay near the races place will join the race,dont waste the good opportunity of getting those valuable experience!Thanks

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