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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Busy first week of May

I will not be around from 5th till 13rd May,where i will join Survey camp in Melaka.After that i will be back to my Penang home town for my 1 and half month holidays.This is compulsory course that every civil engineering student need to attend.We will be exposed to those realy world of construction(quite small i think for us).We will get to learn more about the hands on project.Our senior Lim Kar Sing must be very familiar with all this,hence if any of you really interest in it,may ask him,i am just a first year junior,he has more experience in this field.Ha!Till here hope you all enjoy your day life.Remember HEALTH is WEALTH! Below is something about our survey work.

One of my friends,Tat Hong is checking out the Total Station,as they are going to use it for leveling,traversing,and detailing.Can any of you guys/gals guess how much of this machine is?Its imported from Japan.

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