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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Holidays activities

As you all can sense that i am not really active at the moment either for my running or the site;theres some reasons for this.Since back from my survey camp in Kuala Linggi,Melaka at 13rd May,my condition was really low,as i had no time for training in the camp there,therefore i was inactive since that moment until last week.'Inactive doesn't mean not training/running at all'.I just in a state of recovery where i hope to recover back to my normal condition.Last week i started my intensive training,i cant really say intensive,but slightly.After i train for 5,6 days till today i can really feel back my former condition,if not with the condition during my 'inactive' period i go for racing sure will lost,ha!Now i slowly build back my performance,and i am satisfied with it.Remember always apply the term of 'Susah dulu senang/manis kemudian' whereby you must really take care of your diet,only then you can achieve good results in your racing.I will go for my end of june/july competition.Hopefully can get to the peak condition there,ha!Thanks

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