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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Food that good for Athletes

There're some foods that may help to a runner,below are the listed foods that i happened to get from the runners world.I myself has consumed all of these
foods regularly,except the salmon and frozen mixed berries,and dark chocolate.

Add to your cart: Almonds
Runners should eat a small handful of almonds at least three to five times per week. Nuts, especially almonds, are an excellent source of vitamin E,
an antioxidant that many runners fall short on because there are so few good food sources of it. Studies have shown that eating nuts several times per
week lowers circulating cholesterol levels, particularly the artery-clogging LDL type, decreasing your risk for heart disease. And the form of vitamin E
found in nuts, called gamma-tocopherol (a form not typically found in supplements), may also help protect against cancer.I have consumed the nut weekly,
almond considered expensive among the nut has it very nice smell,why not just take a try!

Add to your cart: Eggs
One egg fulfills about 10 percent of your daily protein needs. Egg protein is the most complete food protein short of human breast milk, which means the
protein in eggs contains all the crucial amino acids your hard-working muscles need to promote recovery. Eat just one of these nutritional powerhouses and
you'll also get about 30 percent of the Daily Value (DV) for vitamin K, which is vital for healthy bones.Yeah!Egg is a must for all the athletes,especialy
for runner,when i was in my university's hostel i consumed it almost everyday,except the race day,ha!Why?Because i think that i may get the zero come back!

Add to your cart: Sweet potatoes
This Thanksgiving Day standard should be on the plates of runners year-round. Just a single 100-calorie sweet potato supplies over 250 percent of the DV
for vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene, the powerful antioxidant. Sweet potatoes are also a good source of vitamin C, potassium, iron, and the two
trace minerals manganese and copper. Many runners fail to meet their manganese and copper needs, which can have an impact on performance since these
minerals are crucial for healthy muscle function.Its true that we really need a lot of carbohydrate,and this one does provide us the best source of carbo.
Almost all the time i eat it in my uni's.

Add to your cart: Whole-Grain Cereal with Protein/and bread
Runners need at least three to six one-ounce servings of whole grains per day, and eating 100 percent whole-grain bread (as opposed to just whole-grain
bread, which may contain some refined grains and flours) is an easy way to meet this requirement since one slice equals one serving. Whole-grain bread may
also help weight-conscious runners. One study showed that women who eat whole-grain bread weigh less than those who eat refined white bread and other grains. Whole-grain eaters also have a 38 percent lower risk of suffering from metabolic syndrome, which is characterized by belly fat, low levels of the good cholesterol, and high blood sugar levels. All this raises the risk for heart disease and cancer.
I should say that eat the whole-grain bread is one of the best food for our breakfast,anyway during my uni's life i just eat white bread which not the
best choice,to all my fiends out there,i really suggest you all have a try of whole-grain/whole meal bread that really helps a lot!

Add to your cart: Oranges/fruits
Eat enough oranges and you may experience less muscle soreness after hard workouts such as downhill running. Why? Oranges supply over 100 percent of the
DV for the antioxidant vitamin C, and a recent study from the University of North Carolina Greensboro showed that taking vitamin C supplements for two
weeks prior to challenging arm exercises helped alleviate muscle soreness.Not just orange i suggest you all have to eat wide range of fruits!This will
help in term of your skin,digestive system,immunity system.

Add to your cart: Mixed Salad Greens
Rather than selecting one type of lettuce for your salad, choose mixed greens.Vege have play a great role in our food,dont just think of meat,as vege.provide
a lot of goodness!I myslef also really like the vege salad.Go to the Pizza Hut and eat more of these foods,ha!

Add to you cart: Salmon
Nutrition-wise, salmon is the king of fish. Besides being an excellent source of high-quality protein (you get about 30 grams in a four-ounce serving),
salmon is one of the best food sources of omega-3 fats. These essential fats help balance the body's inflammation response, a bodily function that when
disturbed appears to be linked to many diseases including asthma.One of the fishes that Malaysian seldom get to buy it!Its likely we see it in Japanese foods

Add to your cart: Chicken
Runners need about 50 to 75 percent more protein than nonrunners to help rebuild muscles and promote recovery after tough workouts. And just one four-ounce
serving of chicken can supply about half a runner's daily protein needs. Along with protein, chicken contains selenium, a trace element that helps protect
muscles from the free-radical damage that can occur during exercise, and niacin, a B vitamin that helps regulate fat burning during a run. New studies
also suggest that people who get ample niacin in their diet have a 70 percent lower risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.I think that i no need to introduce
this popular foods among Malaysian.Go for it.

Add to your cart: Frozen Mixed Berries
The colorful compounds that make blueberries blue, blackberries deep purple, and raspberries a rich shade of red are called anthocyanins--a powerful group
of antioxidants that may help stave off Alzheimer's disease and some cancers. Anthocyanins may also assist with postrun recovery and muscle repair.I hardly
get these berries,hence i choose to go for supplement of vitamin,currently consuming Amways Double X,which is one of best multivitamins/mineral resources
out there,i myself recommend you all have a try of it.

Add to your cart: Dark Chocolate
As a runner you deserve at least one indulgence--especially one you can feel so good about. Chocolate contains potent antioxidants called flavonols that
can boost heart health. In one study, a group of soccer players had lower blood pressure and total cholesterol levels, and less artery-clogging LDL
cholesterol after just two weeks of eating chocolate daily.Eat more you will look younger and happy,this is what i think about chocolate..Yummy...

Add to your cart: Low-fat Yogurt
Besides being a good source of protein and calcium (one cup provides 13 grams of protein and 40 percent of the DV for calcium), low-fat yogurt with live
cultures provides the healthy bacteria your digestive tract needs to function optimally. This good bacteria may also have anti-inflammatory powers that
can offer some relief to arthritis suffers. Just look for the live-culture symbol on the yogurt carton.Anlenes brand yougurt is one of product i used to
eat,very nice.Those who want to have healthy and smooth skin,eat this one,ha!

I hope that this aricle will really give more awareness among our friends,also to provide goodness to you all.Thanks

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