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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My survey camp 2008

5th untill 13rd May i went to my civil engineering survey camp in Kuala Linggi,Melaka.This is a compulsory program for us to attend.The place that we stay just beside the beach and we were staying in KM Chalet.The kakithoners that attended this camp also included Lee and Tea.Through out the whole camp,we learn and refresh of what we had learn from our previous study.The activities that we went through were Instrument checking,Levelling,Traverse,Detailing,Treadure hunt,Setting out,and setting up instrument(total station).Before this i had let you all to see what exactly the total station is.This expensive instrument has many functionsthat we can use to road design and more.For example the angle,horizontal distance,coordinate are the main function that it used for,Of couorse there is still alot of function that i didnt mention.For you guys/gals informations this instrument cost us the price of a MyVi vehicle!Through this camp i learn to how to deal with the real world outside there.Our lectirers were really helpfull and strict too.They train us to be more critical learn to cope well under any situation.Why i say so?Because through the 8 days in the camp,we all were under the HOT SUN EVERYDAY!Not even the mid day afternoon of 1,2pm we still need to continue our jobbeside the road!Hence its no surprise that you see all our friends attended the camp become balck guy,ha!We all also need to sing the National Anthem,UTM song every morning loudly,most of us can only finishall our work as early as 12 am!We also had the chance of presenting in front of audience.Given that the camp just beside the beach,i took the opportunity by run on the beach there.Its been nice to be there.This camp i grade it as 'TOUGH' anyway after finished it,we all really miss it a lot!
Goat that pass through the the sunset,this place is where we worked out our project.Started from 8.30am till 6.30pm
See Chan chasing with the goats..... He said that he will slay them to eat....believe it?
With Chan,we heart that the villager told us that this beach area also haa turtle coming up!
Aview of horse when we were doing our work at around 4pm.So hotttttt.....
Kakithoners:Me,Lee,Tea on the beach side
Lee looking through the total station,his'fiance'beside him...ha!ha!
With En.Che Ros,we are setting out the model of Chalet.
Setting up the total station can be really troublesome,if you didnt learn it well!You need to make sure that its is really level on the ground surface!

My lecturer,DR Mush is checking on the automatic Level which using barcode to check the reduced level on the ground
A robotic Total Station that will follow any where when you bring ur prism,before this i has told you all that the manual total station is cost around the price of a MyVi ,now how musch this one?Its made of Switzerland.
All my friends/classmates
With my most respected lecturer,Encik Radzuan,he is really strict,but i learn a lot from him,Thanks Sir!
My groups 17 members,Diana,Asiah,Muiz,and Fuazi

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