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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fishing village fun in Perak

Monday,19th May 08,is Wesak day,i dont have to work,hence i choosed to go to the Fishing village in Kuala Gula,Perak.This place produce a lot of sea product
,such as belacan,dried shrimp,ikan masin,kerang darah,balitong,sorry because i dont know how to inteprete some of the term in English.I and my friends had
compete among ourself as to see who fish up the most fish,in the end i won,anyway the real winner who got the 'high quality'fish is my friends,Meng.Feng is
my best friends since secondary and now he is in USM same course with me,this village is is hometown,i have sice regard the village as my second home or
a place for me to rest,relax and fishing activities,ha!Anyone that interest to go to the Kuala Gula,may just tell me,you can see a lot of sea product
process eat fresh seafood with cheap price there.!One of the food balitong,i like it so much,u need to suck it out!Just try it out whenever you have chance
in the seafood restaurant,i have to tell you its not cheap!Till here,thanks

The view of fishing boat,fish 'pond' which on the sea.
I got a Ikan Longkang which nice to be made as Ikan masin,not a quality fish,ha,but this one quite big.
The balitong that you have to suck to eat it!
The kerang darah which will be delivered to town,we use to it fish(free coz it feng's uncle owned)
The quality fish!Kerapu!This fish we like it so much yet is not easy to be fish up!you need to be patience.This one can cost around RM10 of market selling price.

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