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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Becoming a better runner

Since i got some time to type in my office apart from my site work,then i just type down some of the tips which i saw in runningtimes.
its actually a very good reference for all of us,and i hope you all will take note of it.This is tips to becoming a better runner by
Shannon Rowbury an elite US runner.Among the tips are:
1)Focus:in this point she mention whenever,wherever anything change in ur surrounding or ur schedule list,u have to really focus of what
u wan to achieve.dont easily lost ur focus.For an example in our uni case.When theres sem break,all of us will back to hometown and this
is where focus is something that we need to always remind ourself.Thing can change easily if we not hold on our mission/target that want to
achieve.And now i'm sure almost all of you have lost your shape and the condition during in uni.

2)More sleep:Shannon is taking 9hours of sleep.u need to sleep well in everytime,though you may change to new surrounding or getting some
stressful thing.All this need to be arranged properly.As myself also stress alot in having nice sleep.

3)Extra exercises:She mention that by doing more plyometric exercises,circuits and gym work can improve general strength as it can make her train
harder and longer.General strength exercises like push up,planks and squats can be done daily.Abdominal exercises 6times a week for 5-10mins.
Weights 1-3 times/week

4)Less racing=more training:She mentions that more focused training can make her achieve a much higher and longer lasting level of fitness.Sometime
we tend to go racing all the times which actually will not really give any good sign to our own body.One of the example can be seen is Jean Pierre
an experience French runner in our country who not join the race everyweek though if he joins sure getting 1st placing with the speed he poses.

5)Altitude training:She said going to places like SAN Luis Potosi,Mexico,Font Romeu.I think this will be abit difficult for those stay in uni,but
what can i say is first u nid to improve your hill training skill and speed that only choose to go up such place training.So make sure everyweek
u slot in hill training.

6)Regular treatment:Taking ice bath regularly(10mins after hard training session)stretch regularly with the stick,a rope,tenning ball or trigger point
roller.This i would like to say is something prevention treatment for our body being exhaust.

Hope that what mention here can spur u guys further either physically or mentally.

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