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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Penang Chinese Cross country 2011

A run that i never join which i hope to join it for many year ever since the first year i came to UTM.This year i happen to join it since started my first job.Then call upon Wong who agree to join as well.We travel all the way from KL to PG ,when we reach Pg already midnite.Mum cooked some homemade Keoy Teow Th'ng..then sleep at 2.30+

wake up at 5.00am + then we direct went to Chung Ling High Sch in Pg Island.Taken bib and Shirt from my Bm Leopard frens.Really thanks them alot for registering for me,espcially Capt,Alex Ong.Then intro Wong some of the detail about the race,actually myself also not that familiar since so many years not in this region ha.

Then we saw PmTey,Wow!Is what i and Wong can said,so far he still came in for the photo snapping,really salute him!Actually the starting of the race wasnt that properly managed as well as the through out the whole running course though enough marshals.But the marshals seem duno how to show the route direction,haiz....

Finish the race ins 35mins+ then around 2mins+ Wong came in.Actually in top10 spot,Bm Leopard hav 3ppl in it,include me,wong and Andrew with 6th placing,hes a very promising youngster in our team.Anyway to get to top 3 in team event u nid to make sure all 5 runners having very nice position up there.And our 4th and 5th runner already in 30+placing which make our team out of top3.

So to come here all the way and to finished in 3rd and wong in 9th wasnt a bad results either.And both of us won the grand lucky prizes a motor as well.Really thanks god.Now i think wong getting exited to join the races in PG d,haha.Pg races are quite cheap and well organised,may be less ppl join.Anyway i do really miss to join every races in Pg provided i have the chances.You guys must come and join too.

P/S dun always think of exp bus fees la,those thing is 2nd thing,most important is u enjoy ur race like wong,u can go and ask him.C now we gt the grand prizes,who noe you guys will get it too 1day.

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