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Sunday, September 11, 2011

prologue to the ridiculously looooooong holiday: Klang Run 4 It

Yep, it looks like the 4 months of my hedonistic life style will finally be coming to a full stop. Despite a nagging foot injury, I was looking forward to this race due to the lack of running events during the fasting month... as Mr. Black used to say: training and racing must be balanced to keep improving and to enjoy your sport (or something like that lah). Well... all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy; so.... all training and no racing makes running no joy?

Anyway, Wong decided to give this race a pass due to the fees and Mr. Moey went to Solomon X-trail in search of greener (and muddier?) pastures. Hence it was just me, Ong and Sylvia running this race. Ong led for the first k and maintained front pack throughout most of the race (nice one!) to finish fourth. Sylvia took a wrong turn and finished a few secs behind no.3... haha... too bad! As for me, I was dropped from the pack after about 3km and could only finish at 7th... haiz... during the run, the 3 top indian runners were even able to have a conversation when i was already panting like crazy!

Back in utm now, looking forward to the new semester, hope u all feel the same way too... The most unflattering finishing pics only here at heh...

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