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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

kluang race report

Yo, before we get to the race report this week, i'd like to talk about NPT. Huh? NPT??? haha... it stands for No Planning Trip. The 4 criteria of a NPT is:
1) Don't book hotel (sometimes even sleep at McD)
2) Don't know the exact location of the starting point
3) Last minute on the spot registration/payment
4) Have not been to the town before

The general feelings of kakithoners about NPTs is towards the negative side, b'cos...
nobody likes to sleep rough (duh), and it affects race performance(duh).... but... i kinda like it... for no particular reason....

Anyway, this kluang trip was a NPT, so i was a bit nervous not knowing if everthing would turn out right. Tareef, Yien Wei and me took an hour plus bus trip from utm to kluang bus station. We had a chin chai meal there and were really lucky to get the last room in the hotel that was nearest to the starting point (2km). Went out with Chan's friends from Singapore before picking up Ong at 11pm, all 4 of us squeezed onto the double bed for the night.

So down to the race. Ong ran a bit slower than usual and got 6th, I was 8th with Chan just slightly behind at 11th. So congrats to Chan for still being fast even after the previous hiatus from running. Tareef also got 18th (cool!) so kakithon was all in the top 20. BTW, Tareef was mobbed by primary schoolgirls at least 20 times at the event! (see pics below)
Despite the outrageously poor organizing during prize giving it was a good experience. (Imagine the organizers calling the prize winners randomly into a small room... random of category and placing....)

Beefing up after the race.

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