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Thursday, August 27, 2009

MUDS 2009 Tv3 video

Erm sorry for my late of uploading d video,i already cut it into our part inside the video,hope all enjoy it!Not only we want to prove that we are good enough compare to those other MASUM'high performance' guy!T.Penasihat sebelum ni memang berang dengan mereka,takpa lah let us watch out in future see what action they going to take.

Recently i went to bengkel/camp,i ask d pengarah how he look into the matter of this kind of mutisport.You know whats his respond?
Now you got under the department of rekreasi also can,under olahraga also no need specific people to cater this sport....zzzz....
So cincai ah?like kinda adopted son throw anyway also can ah?
Fikir -fikir and renung renung la....

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