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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Kakithoner in action of MUDS/KOTR 2009

Erm all this courtesy of Pmtey shooting,thnks him alot.Enjoy urself with it.;-)

Ida finishingJIha unlucky UM trip....Nothing to say
Wong looking at what leh?remember during race look forward
This blue shirt guy seem cannot tahan anymore...zzz

Model runner of team kakithon!
Fuyoh!Fitnya badan T.Penasihat....

Boleh tahan lagikah?Boleh kot tapi x boleh speed tu lain cerita....
Semuanya kuat lari,every1 seem so steady...starting lo..
I seldom stretch...if got also abit nia..but remember after workout must stretch!
Top duathlete,Ayie on his bike
Lim kor tengok ape?So focus on it!
As usual our T.penasihat punya bike style...

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