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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Where you STAND in Year 2008?

In 1 more week time,we will going to celebrate the year 2009.So i would like to know that where exactly you all have achieved so far in year 2008 events?Do you satisfied with your performance?Any weakness that need to adjust as to improve your performance?How you think that what kind of method can help you the most?Lets us look at the small picture of what had been we achieved so far.

In the early year 2008,we been in KL Towerthon which was a Team event.So theres 2 teams of us which got to the 2nd and 5th placing in university category.Looking at the top 20 guys that fininshed to the top tower there,their average time was around 14-15mins+,so you all knnow about your own time,so just take to compare it,whether you think that you had done enough to conquer the tower?I think suppose to be "NO"!The gap of time between you all with the top guy there still far away,but what we can do is to close up the gap,hence i hope that those fail to ahieve their main target of timing,stop a while during the race or what so ever....just make sure you wont repeat the mistake again in year 2009!

Then come the KL Marathon?I joined the 10km while other join the half and full.This race we beared our own cost to reach the destination.As i said this is international race,hence to achieve certain target will be good enough.You dont have to go inisde top 20 or whatso ever tough mission.Just try your best to get in a good placing then take it as your good exposure or experience to learn something else!I think Lim had improved a lot since he joined the race more than others.

What about month of May and April,infact we plan to join the sundown in Singapore.But didnt manage to do so.Quite dissapointed.....Then its the mid year holidays....till July

Back to uni,its been really really busy in the coming months of July,August till October!

July is where the MUDS(Malakoff University Duathlon Series) been held for 3 series till mid of August.I myself really worry about the bike as i cant get it till my friend,Kecik finally lend a hand to me.Thanks him a lot!We also form mixed team.This event is to run bike run.I know that my chance of winning wont really good as its been my first time involvement in this kind of race. With the advice from our Tuan Penasihat,Mr Black as he was former Johor Cyclist.I learn a lot from him about the cycling method.Thanks him a lot!I thinks Lim also learn a lot from him and Abang Mus,who is also former Johor Cyclist.We ride together not only can help fosfied our frienship but also to improve each other cycling skill.MUDS been really a worry for us,coz after the first series we suddenly become the leader in the university category which lead over UPNM,the strongest competitor among all universities!Then its been headache as for us to make sure we can maintain this position for the coming 2nd and final series.

So the 2nd series,some of our friends didnt joined coz of other programme commitment,hence our position slipped to third.Infact we are lucky in the last mins of the 3 series as to get the uni bus to travelled us to KL!If whithout the bus,life will become tougher for us to hang on!You know that bring along the bicycle with you from JB to KL is been really hard especially using the express bus.Yes,its not impossible,but its just so the bus driver may not want to take the bike insisde it or ask for $$$$...Ha!

Come to the 3rd series also the final one..Suddenly most of the Kakithoners become "HOT" as they want to conquear as to fight till the end with UPNM.We knew that our mission of topping the Military Uni is very hard.But i really appreciate and thought by the courageous as to join the final series to fight till THE END!

Then come to the Adidas King of The Road.I think its orth for you all to travell to Shah Alam as this event also consider a "hot event" where the clothe that offer is quite good to cover back some of your $$..Myslef had nothing to lost but gain the Adizero back hehe!

Larian Keputeraan Johor is a race which had and early rain condition,whereby i afraid you all dont really used to it.Anyway it stop when the race started late around 10 mins.I hope that you all can also enjoy in a run which coer of raining condition.This will indirect to help you all in any condition.You cant just blame to the weather when you cant perform!

How about the Perhentian Island Challenge??Wow! this is an amazing race that you all shouldnt miss!Regard its as a holiday venue,the Terengganu Government had spent a lot as to make sure this event went smooth.The race?Tough..this is what i can describe for those beginner even the Novice category also consider tough!Experience it next year!

Then its our final semester exam...

Come to the KRI,whereby we had our most Kakithoners joined event together.Wong,Lim,Lee while Perak guy,Chan as host invite us to his home stay.Thanks him a lot.This race also let the kakithoners learn to run more than 10KM!You all always run around 5km....Now you all know about the painfull about the race which longer than usual ler ba!Hehe!Learn to run longer will have sloghtly advantage for you!Coz not every race which mention 10km is sure to be 10km!Some may exceed to 11km just like the 2nd link run!

Finally i hope you all can analyse your own condition regard to the races that joined whether your good side or bad side..just go for it..Dont stop in the half route!Coz you all are better than those normal guy....turst in yourself that you can do it!

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