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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Penang Bird Park Charity Run 2008

Today race as expected just a charity whereby i didnt aim much in it,because i know that the prizes wont be too good and i just joined for fun and leisure also to meet my running friends in Penang.My friend,Yap already registered for as early as before i back from UTM.1 more thing to mention is that this race is the closest to my home so far hehe!This place call Seberang Jaya around 3 km from my home.The Penang Bird Park has been less attract tourist to it place due to it poor management.Anyway i think with this event it will indirect help to the image of the bird park.So as early 6.30am we all had to registered near the bird park gate.Then i just saw all the familiar faces,those season winners.What made me surprise the most that even those Brooks running club from Ipoh also come!Wow!This is only a small event,yet they also want to come,must be no events at that place anymore haha!I lost badly to some of the guys from this group during the Ipoh KRI Run,they just so fast!In fact 1 of the guy can even catch up with R.Muniandi,our Malaysia distance running champion!I can estime there were around 500 people competing each other.Since Starwalk i only train twice,because my leg was bittem by kind of insect or Aedes,just dun know ler,my both Leg just "Gatal" non stop whole day and i scratch it till become red,really suffering....So i know that to do well also no and easy task.Anyway for the whole race i had a pacer,who is also my Penang friends BM Leopard very fast guy,Ah Koon.He also tall as Chan.So i just follow him the entire route because i know that to do well and achieve good placing i need to follow him tightly.He was in the veteran category,yet his speed really fast.Untill the last 100m i just try to run fast as to past him but didnt success.Anyway i thought that i had fininshed the race in 3rd placing in Men Open,because through the race i just saw yellow shirt guy in front of me and Ah Koon.But as mention by dad and some other friends that watch at the finishing line,they said there got another 3 guys at front of us which i totally cant believe because of some of the route is very straight untill around 1km but i never saw them!Anyway just leave it coz they are too fast for me,i even heart a guy said that the men open champion just use around 32mins to complete the race!Mine?i fininshed in 37mins 45 secs which he said this race is 10.1km,ya i also had kind of feeling its around 10km.Then we all were treated with free small pewter token and fininshing certificate.Free entrance to the Bird park.This organiser really generous,they were give up to 100 lucky draw prizes to us!Just think that there were around 500 people of us,so our chances of getting prizes is really bright haha!So the prizes giving i was in 4th ,the top 3 guys will get cash prizes of rm50 -Rm150.I just lost to the 3rd placing guy around 40 secs..geramnya...So the lucky draw prizes been started...and i was really lucky i got 1 set of plate and cup plus the tinted car Rm200 voucher..Hehe!Overall i paid for the entry fees RM12 and i get back more than that worth of no rugi la for me...See u all in UTM soon.....

The fininshing line...
Dont know what kind of bird there..any1 know?
This "burung besar" very fierce de carefull of your hand!!!!
With the spotted dear there...quite cute..hehe!
See what had i won back....luacky as my Chinese new year gift ba..ha!
Wow!the medal?very nice also!No cheating has another pewter attach above to it!
The back view of medal..

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