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Monday, January 19, 2009

UTM Engineering Run 2009

This run was held at Friday,16 Jan near FKA(Fakulti Kejuruteraan Awam) whereby we have to run to hill route to other engineering faculty which are chemical,Electrical and Mechanical.Through out the race its just matter of whther u are god at hill running or not.As expected Kecik lead the way in early starting.Imanaged to get pass him at the first hill and never look back.Till the final 150m suddenly theres a indian guy which i never seen before in my uni chase me frm behind and he managed to pass me byhalf of my head.The question is i was leading the pack and even till the finishing line theres no finishing banner which can really let me speed all the way.But it turn out to be nothing and onlt left 2,3 officer there.So i was in 2nd.Then come is kecik,Lee,Chan managed to get inside top8 which was 7th.For the imformation alll the top 8 finisher in man n woman category will get the cash prizes.So i was little surprise that i and the indian guy were joint 1st!They apogise for being blunder in the finishing line there.I and the guy got our Rm100 while Kecik Rm50,the rest are Rm 10 .Ida joined the woman category and easily conquer it.So this is the first event of year 2009.I hope that the best will come.Where you guys/gals learn frm mistake frm each race to improve urself!

Ida getting her first prize.
The winners in the women top 8,well done!Kecik holding on his prizes and cashLee with his prizesThe winners in Top 8 guys category

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