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Friday, December 19, 2008

Adidas Sundown Marathon 2009

With the event will be held at 30th May 2009, make sure we pay less the registration already open!From december 2008 till 31st Jan 2009 is the early bird period.Hence here i would like to call upon those who really interest in this event to register early so as to save ur buck!This  event conclude of ultra marathon(84km),Marathon,Team event of which 4 person each need to run 10km.I would like to send a team to go there.So what you all waiting for???Get set and prepare for the challenge!I know that you guys and gals always have the problem with the financial this and there,so why not take this chance to register early and only once that we have a look at Singapore event and how good they organise a event compare to our Malaysia here.The fist impression already shown....REGISTER AS EARLY AS 5 MONTHS before the race event!What about Malaysia grand Marathon event in March = Am Bank KL Marathon?So far i still didnt hear anything about it yet,hence this is the first impression that give to us about the enthusiasm shown by the Singapore organiser!After coming from the semester break we need to make the decision quick as to register get fininsh all the problem that we face.

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