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Monday, December 15, 2008

Penang Starwalk 2008

What a relieve finished my Starwalk 2008 yesterday,i knew that my condition now is been low,hence to be able to break into certain placing is quite impossible some more you all believe me or not,i just train for 2 times only regards this event!Suppose that i need to prepare it at least 2 weeks before the race but i didnt make it because my other events have disturb the process hence i have no choice but to hang on.Yesterday starwalk had attracted more than 14k people came to join and is the record for so many years the event been organised.Dad been back from Alor Setar,Kedah to travelled me there,PISA(Penang Internatonal Sport Arena)the place where badminton,swimming events organised frequently.7 am sharp the event started for competition category.For the first 1km,i can saw a lot of people trying to break away,how?They run and run.This is very dangerous because a lot of judges been around there to disqualified them!Sice last time i learnt from my mistake,i make it a point to finsh all the race by walking and make sure no knee bending.When i reach the 5km mark i already in 30mins,and i knew that my position to finish within top 3 had gone,but anyway just make sure i finish the race safe without any disqualified.I been overpass by the Women junior veteran champion,Serene Siah,i tried so hard to follow her just in around 10mins then i dont want to risk my leg posture anymore,i knew that if i still follow her,my chance to getting disqualified become higher(knee bending).Then for the last 5km mark i walk more carefully than before as i been told by friends before that the judges will be more strict to ctach those front walker.Finally i finished the race below 1 hour ,the time was 59mins 30secs which was 1 mins slower than my last year time.Dad been wait at the finishing line there and he told me got inside top 10 placing.I didnt care so much about it,as went on to change my clothes.There were a lot of entertainment been set up.Digi the main sponsor had contributed alot for the events.Other sponsor such as Milo,100 plus,Malta,Spritzer,Nestle,Suzuki,Air Asia,Panasonic and so on....I and dad went on to play the game by Digi.Then we went in the indoor stadium where the entertainment events will be held there,such as Lucky draw,prizes ceremony.The results been out and i got to know that i finish in 8th i cant ask for more about it.Thanks God that i manage to do well in this event.Then my friend,Yu Song who is a teacher finished in 6th ahead of me in Men Open.Another friends which was my last time Penang School Council team,Ho chun Wei had done very well by finishing in 2nd in Boys category,his time was well ahead mine of which 54mins+1 this that i hate the most is almost most of the organisers in Malaysia that i went to so far never have a proper way to distribute the prizes especially those not on stage prizes(top 3).This Starwalk also same.So many mens category,they only have 1 guy to distribute all these?So funny,Please la...dont you organiser dont have enough man power?Just make it every category 1 guy will be more than enough!Then i got the prizes which was some medicine,cosmetic,heal cream,counterpain,Digi rm50 reload and umbrella.What about the lucky draw?Last year i got a 30th placing Lucky draw of which i went to E&O Hotel with my mum 1 night,spa vouche and fan.This is bad nothing at all.Anyway from the Rm12 that i paid for the event i been get back more than it.No lost haha!I am looking forward the next year event.

The finishing line.....
Digi booth which offer popcorn,Coffee,biscuit and massage as well!
Drink booth..
The indoor arena of Lucky Draw,Prizes ceremony and more...
I played the bowling game by Digi,9 spins down but spare also.You need to make it strike to get the small football.Results been out for Men Open,first is my friends too,he is former national walker Mahalingam's son.The prizes that i had won...The medal that i won in Penang round Island Relay of which i joined my friends team,BM Leopard finished in 4th place.

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