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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

StarWalk 2008

The inaugural annual event in Penang is back at 14th December 2008,i definately dont want to miss it!I have been participated in this event since my standard 6,which mean that i have join in it more than 6 years lo...I like this event because its kinda family carnival event that will have sort of small concert,games and so on.For those staying in North semenanjung area,i suggest you all take this chance to join as to see through the event's hotness ha!Only 10km walking not running!You want have a try to get placing then join the competition category which to pay RM12,while non competition is RM8 with goodies bag(last time got a lot of stuff inside,started last 2 years very less le...ha!). you can download form from the website below.

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