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Sunday, November 30, 2008

KRI Run 2008

Its been really nice Ipoh trip for this weekend!!!Kaithoner consist of Chan,Lee,Lim,Wong and i went to ipoh for the KRI Run which been rated as a very good race by my friends.I and Lee been in Ipoh on friday and Chan bring us to some interesting places to visit yet also been introduce us the famous and popular cuisine in Ipoh: Nga Choi Gai/Tauge Chicken.Ipoh town has been surrounded by hill hence its been popular of people saying that this town produce a lot of beauty ha!Chan's parent has been really nice to both of us.Thanks to them!On saturday we all went to the collection centre as we were amazed by the no. being distributed which been printed our name as well!This is so far i first time seen such thing.Then at that night was the arrival of of Lim and Wong.Although have to pay forr RM50 as the late entry but Lim still determine to make it.Salute him a lot!During collection time,i met with Sham,Jasni,and some other friends.The race day coming and start at 7am sharp.I saw a lot of Brooks vest Indian guy hence i expect to be tough race for me and other Kakithoners.Running at 12.8km may be a bit tough for those that training less than 10km guy,for example Lee.And today he felt the HEAT ha!Through out the race,the distance which been measured by the organiser is been 'sharp' enough.Not like other race which always 'Bohong' about their real race distance.I kept chasing the front pack,but its been so hard to follow Muniandi the champion in mens 30+ group champion.Then come Jasni i also hard to follow but still can keep up the pace with him.Adri the BM Leopard team guy came also,he's been really good at both Half Marathon and 10K hence i just keep up the pace with him whereby i trail by him around 25meters along the road.My pace through out the whole race is been around 4mins which is average for me.Suppose i can achieve below 4mins,but looking at my condition and training,its been realistic to achieve such feat.Then till the final 1k,there was a guy came from behind and chased me,i produce kinda kick and push to leave him but just couple of meters.But his spirit really high and come again with more powerful push this time,where i can describe it as 100m sprint,my speed also not bad but still lost to him a bit.No way,its just like the final round during MUDS where Chan produce his final kick which i felt really hard to keep it up although i also produce my final push which not as strong/powerful like him.Crossed the final line,and i had to settled for 9th placing in men 20-29 age group.My time is 52 mins 27secs which way of the 43 mins produced by Muniandi!Then come Lim,his time is 57mins + followed by Lee 59 mins+ Wong 59mins+ and Chan 1hour +.Then chit chat a while with sham/syah/Alex/Yap and a lot of my friends there.We took photo,lucky draw where Lim so lucky got his prizes.Then prize giving and we hurry back to Chan's home where i and Lee need to catch up with Alex's car back Penang.For next week we will have Round Penang Relay then is Starwalk.Overall i am satisfied with the performance of Kaithoners.But you all still have room to improve and get better in each race!Keep it on Kakithon!

With Lee and Chan at the famous cave in Ipoh thereThe famous San Poh CaveA nice view of the caveThis is 1 of the house design which i think can be better than in the Penang(not this1)

A view of which Ipoh beeing surrounded by hillsLee's picture where he in the finishing lineWong's seen finishing quite steady stepChan enjoy the most during the race although he suffers...ha!The pic of all our running friends out there.Nice to meet you guys/good luck to you all in the coming races
4 of them doing what ah???A small view of the finishing conditionKakithoners Family:Wong,Ong,Lim,Chan,and LeePrize giving presentation Quite a nice view trophy/berat also!ha!

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