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Monday, November 3, 2008

Final Exam

Looking at the unupdated then sure theres something that happen ha!Its My university final exam,started from this week until third week of November.I have no choice but to slow down our training progress but that doesn't mean that we give up or lazy,theres still have training among us,but its given free routine that anytime you all wan train by urself also can just to make sure you all still have the fitness in you!Because you all need to prepare well in next year event,whereby we will go for bigger task !I myself have been training in swimming with my Ko q coach En.Ungku Azhar.He has given me a lot or advice,Thanks him a lot,but i still have a lot to catch up!I hope that with the next year events and programme,you all can take advantage by learning to the swiming,before this i really hate to swim coz i cant float,always sinking,breathing also cant!Always feel tired eventhough i am good at running but swimming just out of reach for me!Anyway after the lesson,i now become better than before at least i can swim for 50m ler..ha!Hope you guys/gals got it..any enquiries just sms me or chat at the chat box there.

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