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Friday, June 22, 2012


The starting of the race

The ending for MUDS 2012
The last leg of MUDS 2012 is in UPNM, a place that we can’t simply just go in and visit, hehe. After Kl Towerthon & MUDS UPM, the race in UPNM will be my last as an undergraduate student. Really hope to end it on a high note, somehow, I started to felt differently during training. Extremely struggling during interval run session, can felt that my knee bones were rubbing (friction) each other after a hard bike ride. 

            Luckily, compare to two previous serious, this time we all got more rest and quality sleep before the race. Plus we also got ‘Buntut Therapy’ when stopping at an R&R, hehe. Our team only got 5 participants. Black and Bahtiar continue to play their role as pacer and supporter for Jiha and Afiedah. All of us were hoping to do our best for the team. Lim and Afiedah’s friend were there to snap photos and give encouragement. Without them, the whole bus will be carrying only 5 peoples (quite a waste le). Hope more junior will join in next year. 

            Starting of the first run, I already can’t keep up with the front pack like I usually did, was panting heavily. I have decided to go all out that day regardless of the outcome, but the gap with the front pack was widening and the pursuers were getting nearer. Such a great learning experience and I knew that I must double up my training and focus more on the bike in order to improve on my weaknesses.
Selected results;


We all went to Time Square after the race. Overall, sincere thanks to Malakoff for all the financial support and Black for organising the outing. Plus, great work to Chau for the fantastic banner, hehe. Great job to all Kakithon team members who work their heart out for these 3 weeks (MUDS & KL Towerthon). Hopefully, next year the team will become stronger, hehe

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El Zaffril said...

Finally I found some runners in JB... how to contact? I wanted to join training here.

FB El Zaffril