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Thursday, June 21, 2012

KL Towerthon & MUDS UPM 2012

It has been awhile since i updated the blog. These 3 weeks after MUDS in UPNM are such hectic and challenging weeks especially the first 2 week as I still working on my final year project until the very last hour before the presentation. Never did I expect to be in this kind of situation in my whole life! Luckily, the presentation went on smoothly and now I am working on my thesis and hopefully submit the whole thing by end of this month.
Departed from UTM around 8.30pm. Spend a night inside the bus, at an R&R, near a petrol station. Some of us sleep in the Surau, hehe (including me & Chau). Lesson learned-depart at late night (after 12 midnight) if we cant secure an accommodation. Around 5.30am, we headed to UPM. We were sending one men & women open (Black & Jiha), one mix team (Fikri, Amirul Ali, & Tiang), two men university (me & Bahtiar) and two women university (Lau & Afiedah).
I just have one goal for the race which is improve from last year. Initially, we did not plan to join this year MUDS, somehow Malakoff was generous enough to sponsor us, so I have decided to take this opportunity (since this is my final year, hehe). By the way, our preparation for KL Towerthon, helped a lot as we are more physically & mentally prepared for racing, the sad news-injury issues & cancelation of KL Towerthon team event.
As I am more confident in running, so I try to push harder during the run session and just hold on during the bike. During the bike session, it truly remarkable to see the way Amirul Ali pedaling to the medal. He was behind during the bike session but caught up with the front pack in no time. During the halfway u turn, a long line of cyclist was formed and he was among the leader, who set the pace (a small sized but powerful and humble cyclist).
Black & Bahtiar were working hard also but they both were on different kind of mission-a mission to help their respective partner secure a podium finish. Black was pacing Jiha while Bahtiar was supporting Lau all the way to the finish line. Chau & gang were at numerous places snapping pictures and giving encouragement. It was a really a great team effort out there. Everyone was trying to do their part for the team. Small actions which combined together have significant effect on the team morale and future prospect.
Selected Results;
We came very close to get podium finish for our mix team relay. Anyway it was a great result for all considering the fact that many of them were inexperienced.  We hope UTM Kakithon will be able send more team and individual participant next year.
            Here we go again, hehe.  Due to budget and time constrain, hehe, we decided to ‘borrow’ some spaces in the Weld Mall and rest there before our race starts at 8pm.It was a wise decision that we all went to the Weld Mall together as the recent news strongly reminded us to be more thoughtful and considerate when travelling with our friends.
Link for the shocking news (from missJeweLz’s blog)
Meet with my sister and the kids before the race (the kids were joining for the second time and they all improved).
The training for this semester has been mainly focused to perform in the towerthon. Ong came all the way from Genting around 2 hour before race. We packed all our stuff inside his cars and off to the starting line. We were all in the same batch (301-600). There were quite a lot of people during our climb. It was kind of obstruction but for myself, it did helped to better my timing as whenever I need to overtook someone on the stair, I must make sure that I complete the pass or risk stuck in the middle. I was quite rough in process (sorry for that, hehe) but that was the only way to go.
Selected results;


Good job to all kakaithoner who improve their PB and those who clocked decent timing for their debut appearance plus also to everyone who simply give their best. Li Ting started earlier and she decided to go back after the race. We stay a night at Afiq’s house before going back the next day. Overall, it was a great outing as we gain a lot valuable experience and hopefully next year we will come back stronger.

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