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Friday, July 20, 2012

Pimping abt calves compression sleeves

As some of u no , I have been suffering from shin splints due to over training since last Masum. After that I became somehow malas and demotivated, I cut down the serious training and just cycle or swim whenever it is possible. I also tried the electric acupuncture, and I noticed how the pain suddenly subsided and I was so happy, but the happiness didn’t last long. It was only few hours until the lovely shin pain came bk. For that, some of my friends suggested tht I must under go a couple of sessions of this acupuncture in order to fully recover. But for some reasons I bailed out from this method.
Within tht time, i was doing so much google-ing about ‘’how to recover fast from shin splints’’ and I noticed tht majority of forums/blogs did emphasize and recommended to follow the famous treatment method which is called ‘’R.I.C.E” and stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation.  So for the past few weeks, I was trying to follow this method by taking good a rest (run one day for around 25 mins and rest the next day)  , ice my legs after each run, elevating my legs while watching tv , and doing some light exercises for the shins using the resistance rope in order to strengthen them . Been doing like tht almost for the past 3 weeks, but still I can feel some shin pain radiating from my shin from time to time. Not tht strong, but I still feel tht the still exist. Am not sure if am being more sissy nowadays or just being over cautious in order not to develop my injury.
But last week, I met a runner girl from New Zealand (wat a coincidence if u no wat I mean :p ) whom her last 10 km race in abu dhabi was  in 37 mins despite the unbearable heat and humidity . So I told her about my case and she suggested tht I try the calf compression sleeves or the compression socks. So when I went back home I did quick research and I found tht In short, the compression ‘theoretical’ concept is when u compress ur leg > more blood will pass > thus more oxygen and other stuff will come to ur muscles > thus faster recovery.  and from what I can conclude is tht the majority of the  researches which have been made on  this topic noticed tht compression have an effect on the recovery but not on the performance while running . for more info about this topic, check this awesome articles which is well informative 

It was only matter of day until I was able to get my hand on one. I had to buy it from over the counter in the pharmacy, since a medical compression sleeves for the calves is cheaper than the sport one. it costed me around 50 RM where the sport one is around 150 RM, but it was diffenetley worth it . the problem is tht there was no clear info about when or for how long u should wear it, so when I bought them I just put them on for around 2 days ( post and pre run but not on the run since their quality isn’t made to be worn while exercising) , and I can tell tht the sudden pain of the shin while doing normal day activities is gone , and even while running there was almost no pain. at least better than b4 and am hoping tht soon I will able to get  back to training seriously .
Finally I got the chance to say this sentence which always used to piss me off ‘’ what works for me..might not work for u and vise versa’’ .. wahaha :p

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