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Sunday, June 3, 2012

This damn shirt

Hi guys, I know that you're expecting a report on MUDS 2,3 and Towerthon but I didn't race any of them so I really don't feel like posting about it, so please wait till Wong is not so busy with his PSM k? Anyway there's something that's been getting on my nerves lately........ It's our team shirt!

For your information, the team shirt has been "in progress" since before I joined UTM! From what I heard, once upon a time, Ong wanted to make a team shirt, and someone promised that he/she/they will settle it. Sadly, in the end Ong, Chan, Hsiung etc graduated without a team shirt to remember us by. Before he left, Ong told me to handle the team shirt personally and not put my faith in other people's empty promises (True story, man... true story...).

However, I forgot Ong's advice (sorry..)..... And once again xxxxx (The names of the associated parties have been censored to protect their privacy XD) promised to handle the whole hoohaa with the team shirt. Due to the cheaper fees the more shirts are being made, I waited for xxxxxxx ... 3 months later, here we are...... still shirtless....

Well, my friends, the holiday is almost upon us, and I refuse to let history repeat itself. Had originally wanted to finish this shirt before Wong, Ting and Zaheen finished their last sem, so that the shirt could be given to them and also our alumni who are already in the work force. So, I'm going to post all the potential designs here, please give your comments (as comments please.. the chatbox is too full of junk) and your designs if you have any (to The design will be finalized by next wednesday(6 june) noon, no matter how many of us want to make the shirt. So... please, please, please comment, design (if possible), vote and confirm on facebook, the blog, or sms me before wednesday! Even those who have graduated, please feel free to vote or comment!

The price for the shirt plus printing (a4 size, mono-color) will be around RM20. I'll leave for my internship on 15th june but I'll settle everything before I leave and someone will collect and distribute the shirts. After we finalize, I'll ask the sprinters and jumpers if they want to chip in, so that we can get a cheaper price.

 These are some of the available shirt designs, the brand is A1, dryfit. The other option (not posted) is single color, no design, also dryfit, brand: orensport. Both are same price. Please pick a shirt when you vote.

What I propose is just a simple design at the back of the shirt, only the white portion will be printed.

 These are images that Tareef found on the web. This is how they look like with the words on too:

Once again, please vote for a design, shirt. The shirts should be ready before the hols. TQVM!

1 comment:

gan chau said...

presently I prefer the black and yellow A1 shirt with either the shoe design or tareef's 2nd picture. may change my mind if there are other designs