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Monday, August 9, 2010

MUDS UM Series 2 & KLIUC Run

A series that full of excitement as well as some problem we need to over cross again.This time will be most few kakithoners that joined the MUDS since we joined 2 years ago.With only 3 of us along with Black and Faraied,total is only 5kakithoners.As usual,UM there always saying no place for us to stay,although we have requested the booking of the accomo early.Luckily we have Chau house staying close there,or else?stay on road side again lo.Transport?Bus express again,but we have put our bike at Chau's house after UPNM race.If we are to travel the bike from JB to Bkt Jalil sure gonna be a big problem for us again,coz theres no way we ride our bike from Bkt Jalil to Pj there.Luckily all the problem solve in time.
UM series is one of the series we looking for,anyway UPNM's chan form just amazing,he's been improve alot in his hill climbing and he's never give up spirit during the climb had really made me hard to cope with.While both Wong and Chau seem to be not used with the route out there.Hopefully they will get to learn soon.
KLIUC Run happened to be right after MUDS on sunday,with help from Moey family we went there near Bangi,Uniten.A race at is less than 10km a bit,no easy run coz of the $ offer and 3 of us finish in top 10.Good experience for all of us.

P/s Thanks alot to Pmtey for all the photoes.


Fabio said...

What is the real distance for KLIUC Run? u like..... said...

around 9.7km

Fabio said...


Smartwool socks said...

Is this event happen yearly?

--Life is a constant change.