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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

MUDS & Orange Run

This year muds we facing 1 of the biggest challenge in these 3 years,even before the race we even facing the difficulty of not being able to reach the race destination.All due to our very nice "boss", matter how we also find out the best way to solve all these.Thnking of coming by renting car will be really expensive for us,so we decide to use public transport instead.No choice,the guys that coming are our priority in getting point in team standing,anyway after the 1st series result,i can say "bye bye" with it.I must say UPNM guys really doing great of getting such amazing results,congratz to them.Coming along are Black,Jiha and Faraied,really thanks them for all the support that pouring in,u guys been our inspiring pill for all this moment,we really need to stay together,work together to achieve what we trained before this.Not to forget Race director,Melody Tan whos so supportive to our UTM Team,Powerbar team staff,as well as UPNM guys who provide us very warm welcome to ur university and the FOC accomodation,not to forget Moey family who helped us so much,really thanks!
Then come the orange run,suppose we had registered around 6 person,anyway the absent of hsiung and lim kor make it a way for zaheen to join anyway,after consult the organiser,they not allow he to claim the prize(if he win it)quite pity with him.The course is around 10km+,all of us finished in top 25 if i not mistaken,i'm quite lucky to finished top10.Congratz to all the members who having such a good spirit despite the day be4 is ur muds.

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